Homemade Baby Wipes from Pinterest

Last week I made my second batch of homemade baby wipes so I thought I’d share more details with ya’ll about them.  Recently Bradley was having issues with diaper rash, even when his tummy wasn’t upset or anything.  I remembered seeing one of my friends from elementary school made some for her daughter so I asked her about them and she said she loved them and gave me a link.  When I got the link I knew I was going to love them seeing is how they are from a blogger that I already love.  I have been following Ann Marie from White House Black Shutters for quiet some time now and her blog was where my friend had found the recipe.  Double Win!!

Although unlike Ann Marie’s post I did not have most of the items at home.  I had to buy almost everything the first time I made them.  If you didn’t know you can get Coconut Oil at Wal-Mart.  I haven’t checked the price there but I am sure it is cheaper than GNC (where I found it).  The one thing I did have on hand was the baby wash.  I used the baby wash that I use for Bradley already since I know it will not bother his ever so sensitive skin.

I keep them on top of my wipe warmer and surprisingly they are usually warm too.  Bradley is a little spoiled and he doesn’t like cold wipes on his bottom.  Why do I still have the wipe warmer?  Well, I don’t use them everyday.  When Bradley’s bottom is not breaking out in a rash I will still use Parent’s Choice unscented wipes to get all the mess off his bottom and then I’ll use the homemade ones for a wipe over.  I have put some in my wipe case and taken them with me.  It is really nice when Bradley’s bottom is broke out to have them with me when we go somewhere.

If you are thinking about making your own homemade wipes, I would highly recommend it.  I’d also suggest checking out Ann Marie’s post here about how to make them.  Thanks Ann Marie for a DIY!!

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