S’More Shorts

Last week I was involved in this really fun sew a long with some ladies who enjoying sewing outfits from patterns from a company called Create Kids Couture.  Each month we have a sew a long where a group of us all sew the same pattern, the same theme, etc.  This month it was about sewing as many pairs of shorts as possible from patterns designed by CKC.  One lady in our group completed 26 pairs of shorts!!  How much motivation did she have??  I mean wow!!  I thought my five pairs of shorts was a lot.

Today I thought I’d share with you the five outfits I made.  Well actually I am only going to share four of them with you because the day Bradley wore the fifth outfit he was not agreeing with taking a picture.  But I’ll try to remember to post a picture of it on Instagram or Facebook next time he wears it.  I did make shirts for all of my outfits.  It was not a requirement of the sew a long and I actually made most of them the week before the sew a long.

First is the owl outfit I made Alyssa.  The shorts are made from the Brenna pattern and the top is made from the Ginger pattern.

Second is the Aubie outfit I made for Bradley.  The shorts are made from the Xavierpattern and the shirt is an appliquéd tie.

Third is the patriotic outfit I made for Alyssa.  The shorts are the Iris pattern and the top is the Genevieve pattern.

Forth is the fire hydrant outfit I made for Bradley.  The shorts are a free pattern from CKC called the Aidan and the top is an appliquéd and monogrammed shirt.

Fifth (not pictured) is the Curious George outfit I made for Bradley.  The shorts are also made from the Aidan pattern and the top is an appliquéd and monogrammed shirt.

Keep an eye out for some new outfits in my shop made from some of these patterns in the near future!!


Homemade Laundry Soap

A little over two years ago I kept seeing all of these post all over Pinterest about homemade laundry soap.  At that time I spent $15 a week on laundry soap thats $60 a month and this was before Bradley was born.  So I decided to give it a try, over two years later I am still making my own laundry soap.  Just like the homemade baby wipes, the first time I made it was the most expensive.  I purchased two 4 gallon buckets with lids from Lowe’s just for making my soap and all the stuff to go in it.

Now if you look on Pinterest you will find a lot of different recipes and the truth is the first few times I made it I think I used a different recipe each time.  Today I am going to share with you the recipe I now use.  It is so simple compared to what I did the first few times and it works just as good.

Because my containers are 4 gallons I made two 2 1/2 gallon batches but this equals 10 gallons when it is poured up into the laundry bottles.  I start with a bar of Fels-Naptha soap.  I cut it in half and grate up each half separately.  I put it in a large pot on the stove to melt the soap.  I actually learned that if I start with hot water before I put my soap in it will melt much faster.  Once it is all melted I stir in 3/4 cup of washing soda (not baking soda) and 3/4 cup of borax.  I continue to stir it till all of it dissolves.  Once it is all dissolved I pour it into my 4 gallon bucket and top it off to 2 1/2 gallons.  The first time I made it Adam marked my buckets at 2 1/2 gallons so I can easily see where 2 1/2 gallons is without having to measure it out.  Adam has a paint stir that I (or him if he is at home) will use to stir it up.  Then I leave the lid off over night and let it cure.

The next day Adam will stir it again and then pour it up in my laundry bottles with half water half the soap mixture.  When I decided I was going to try making my own laundry soap I just saved a few bottles and we pour it up in them each time.  One day I’d really like some type of cute container to store it in but that will wait until I decide to decorate my laundry room.

There have been times that I have waited too long to make more soap and Adam has poured some up for me that night and I’d use it.  It works just as well but its not as thick.

Another thing that I tend to do to save time is I will measure out my washing soda and my borax and put them in ziplock bags so all I have to do is pour one ziplock bag in the water with my 1/2 a bar of Fels.  I bought a grater just for my soap and I have a plastic box I keep all of my stuff in between uses.  I do not add any fragrance to it.

Summer Overalls

Have you seen the newest item in our shop?  If not you need to head on over there today and check it out and order yours!!  We now have summer overalls for your little guy.

These overalls are so cute alone or layered with a tee or onsie.  Featuring adjustable straps, unique front pocket, and pleated shorts with the cutest cuff, your little guy will love wearing them.  It is a great light weight cotton outfit great for those hot summer days!!

Overalls can be machine washed in cold water and tumbled dry on a low setting.  Iron when needed.  All seams are professionally finished so your little one can wear it over and over again.  Item is 100% made by me.

Sizes available from newborn-18/24 months.  Please refer to sizing picture for determining the size needed for your child based on his measurements.

Homemade Baby Wipes from Pinterest

Last week I made my second batch of homemade baby wipes so I thought I’d share more details with ya’ll about them.  Recently Bradley was having issues with diaper rash, even when his tummy wasn’t upset or anything.  I remembered seeing one of my friends from elementary school made some for her daughter so I asked her about them and she said she loved them and gave me a link.  When I got the link I knew I was going to love them seeing is how they are from a blogger that I already love.  I have been following Ann Marie from White House Black Shutters for quiet some time now and her blog was where my friend had found the recipe.  Double Win!!

Although unlike Ann Marie’s post I did not have most of the items at home.  I had to buy almost everything the first time I made them.  If you didn’t know you can get Coconut Oil at Wal-Mart.  I haven’t checked the price there but I am sure it is cheaper than GNC (where I found it).  The one thing I did have on hand was the baby wash.  I used the baby wash that I use for Bradley already since I know it will not bother his ever so sensitive skin.

I keep them on top of my wipe warmer and surprisingly they are usually warm too.  Bradley is a little spoiled and he doesn’t like cold wipes on his bottom.  Why do I still have the wipe warmer?  Well, I don’t use them everyday.  When Bradley’s bottom is not breaking out in a rash I will still use Parent’s Choice unscented wipes to get all the mess off his bottom and then I’ll use the homemade ones for a wipe over.  I have put some in my wipe case and taken them with me.  It is really nice when Bradley’s bottom is broke out to have them with me when we go somewhere.

If you are thinking about making your own homemade wipes, I would highly recommend it.  I’d also suggest checking out Ann Marie’s post here about how to make them.  Thanks Ann Marie for a DIY!!