Clear Up Strep Throat in Less Than 12 Hours

A few weeks ago my children had play day at school. In the past years they have always had field day at their school but this year they went to a neighboring school for play day. They were all really excited about it!!

The night before my youngest daughter, Taylor, was having her play day, she came in the kitchen all bundled up and her teeth were just a chattering. I asked her what was wrong and she said she didn’t feel good and her throat hurt. I told her to go lay down and I’d be right there. I immediately took her temperature and sure enough she had a fever. So I grabbed my Modern Essentials Book and my oils and started doctoring her up.

I knew peppermint was used to break fevers, but honestly I was scared to us it on her. I use it on myself for headaches and it burns and tingles. I didn’t want her to experience that feeling and it bother her. So I grabbed my roller bottle that has 20 drops of peppermint and fractionated coconut oil in it and put it on her feet. I decided to try putting it on her neck too. After I applied it to her neck I waited a minute to see if it was going to bother her and since it didn’t I put it on her spine. I continued to put it on her spine every 15 minutes until she went to bed.

We tried to look at her throat and we could not see anything. You must understand that this is the child who we tell her to open her mouth and stick out her tongue and normally you can see all the way to her tummy. Ok, so maybe not all the way to her tummy but you get the idea. We can see down her throat. I checked my Modern Essentials Book and it said to use melaleuca for a sore throat. So I rubbed it on her throat and continued rubbing it on her throat every 15 minutes until she went to bed.

I texted my friend and we both got to work looking for remedies for strep throat. After some research we found the best protocol.

Along with the melaleuca I also applied lavender to her throat every 15 minutes and on guard to the bottoms of her feet. We found several suggestions for healing strep throat. I went with the strongest one recommended for children. I knew I needed her better in less than 12 hours. In a small glass I mixed two drops of on guard with two drops of lemon in a small amount of water. I told Taylor to gargle it for as long as she could handle it and then swallow it. I will tell you, she was a rockstar with this!! It burned but Taylor was also determined to not miss play day. She gargled the mixture twice before she went to bed that evening. It did burn so I put some fractionated coconut oil on her lips and gave her some milk to drink and both cut the burning.

When I tucked her in I told her if she woke up during the night not feeling well to wake me up. But she slept all night long. The next morning when she woke up her fever was GONE!!!! Her throat was till hurting but not as bad. She gargled again, I applied the lavender and melaleuca to her throat and I applied the on guard to her feet.

She went to play day and had lots of fun!! When she got home from school I applied the lavender and melaleuca to her throat again. At bedtime she gargled again and I applied the lavender, melaleuca and on guard again. The next morning she felt even better I applied the oils again and she gargled one last time. That evening I applied the oils one last time.

Thanks to my oils Taylor didn’t have to miss her play day and go to the doctor. She was better in less than 12 hours!! I mean seriously how huge is that?? Sure she would have gotten better by going to the doctor. But I would have had to hold her down while they swabbed her throat. She would have end to endure having her blood taken. She would have had to take medicine that she didn’t like the taste of for 10 days, that also affect her personality. She would have spent most if not all weekend not feeling well. But instead of going to the doctor I used my oils on her and she was better in less than 12 hours!! I did use any medicine on her to heal her body!!!

None of the oils I applied to Taylor were full strength. All of the oils I rubbed on her were diluted with fractionated coconut oil. I mix the oils in roller bottles where they are mixed 20 drops of oil and then topped off with coconut oil.

Happy Birthday Mom!!

Today I want to take the time to celebrate a very special lady in my life that I call Mom.  She hasn’t always been my Mom but ever since she came into my life she has loved me as her own daughter, showed me and my family love and always been there for me.  Not only has she shown me much love but she has also brought much happiness to my Dad’s life.  Happy Birthday Mom!!  Thank you for being a wonderful person, wife, Mom and Nana!!  We all love you very much!!

Goodbye Ear Infections

Last week I told ya’ll we have not been to the doctor in months.  So this week I thought I’d tell you about how it all started.  Bradley was battling ear infections was on his FORTH round of antibiotics.  The antibiotics were messing his tummy up so causing even more issues for us than the ear pain.  Due to Bradley’s heart condition and all the issues he had in life his doctor was not comfortable with talking about tubes for Bradley so that was not even an option for us.  We were at the doctor every week though.  One week it was his right ear, the next week both ears, the next week his left ear and it just continues to switch around on us even though he was on antibiotics non-stop.  Each week we would get a new stronger antibiotic but it still didn’t get better.

Finally I ordered some oils and when they arrived I started using them on him.  I was hesitate at first about the oils.  One of my biggest concerns was it being too strong for my children and especially Bradley since he can’t tell me how something affects him.  I would lather his feet up with coconut oil and then I would put the tiniest amount of on guard and melaluca on his feet.  You see my dear friend Rachael had told me melaleuca was good for ear infections so I knew I needed to try it, but I was scared to put it anywhere other than the bottom of his feet.  I didn’t want it to burn him so I also used a good bit of coconut oil with it.

After a few days of using it I could see he was feeling better but I continued to use the melaluca on the bottoms of his feet each night.  I’ll be honest and tell you something that the doctor would probably be upset about but due to Bradley’s tummy being so upset it was hard to give him the antibiotics by the time we were on he forth round of them.  I actually quit giving Bradley the antibiotics the doctor had prescribed for him and I ended up only using the oils.

Since using the oils on Bradley for the ear infections we have actually been for a hearing test (which he passed) but at that appointment we were told his ears were clear and not infected.  This was a huge relief for me because I don’t know anything about looking in his ears and being able to tell if they are infected or not.

Since my initial experience with the oils I have purchased rolling bottles and fractionated coconut oil so I have a rolling bottle mixed up for each oil that I use on the kids.

Once spring got here Bradley did start pulling on his ears again but this time I rubbed the melaleuca (in the rolling bottle) on the back of his ears and after a few days he quit.  At first I used them on him about six times a day.  Then the second and third day I only used the melaleuca on the back of his ears about three times a day and after that only once a day.  I did continue to use the melaleuca on the back of his ear for several weeks but he can’t tell me that they are not bothering him anymore and the great thing about essential oils is you can’t “overdose” on them so continuing to use it once a day isn’t going to hurt him and I feel like it may even help prevent another ear infection since we are in the middle of pollen season.